Good, bad, or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind.

- Philip Green

Technological advances have dramatically transformed the legal industry, but not yet to the degree that will likely occur over the next decade. Only those firms that truly master the implementation of technology into both their delivery of client services and their own business models will survive.  Those that excel in employing effective, innovative technological solutions for legal issues will be the “go to” firms for much of the work clients demand.

Numerous software options exist for virtually any potential function, and those options are increasing daily.  Law firms typically lack sufficient resources to (1) identify the most significant opportunities for deployment of new technology; (2) evaluate the various options; (3) determine which options will integrate most effectively with other programs and the firm’s own business operations; and (4) provide the necessary training for personnel.

Firm Transitions can assist law firms of all sizes in meeting these challenges.  Specifically, the Firm Transitions Knowledge Advisors will review each client firm’s current technology program in the context of the firm’s practice delivery offerings and business model and

  • Identify for the firm the areas of its practice most in need of technical assistance (including upgrades of current technology)
  • Suggest priorities for technology spending consistent with budgetary requirements
  • Assist in identifying and evaluating technology options for designated needs, including the extent to which particular options integrate well with other programs that the firm is using or contemplating
  • Develop custom applications when they would provide the best option
  • Assist in integrating existing programs which have not yet been integrated as well as new programs with both existing programs and other new programs
  • Provide training programs for personnel using new technology programs
  • Periodically or “as requested” provide summaries of new or emerging programs that may enhance the client’s service or operations needs

The Firm Transitions team will tailor its services to the particular firm’s technology structure.  Some firms have a robust technology program that is fully staffed. In such cases, Firm Transitions’ role will primarily be that of outside consultant, providing a second opinion to the technology leaders and ensuring that they are aware of both new products and market developments.  At the other end of the spectrum are firms with virtually no technology staffing, in which case the Firm Transitions team can fill the technology functions on either an interim or ongoing basis. In most cases, firms will have filled basic technology staffing positions but have insufficient resources in place to address the challenges and opportunities of the marketplace.  In those instances, the Firm Transitions Knowledge Advisors can “fill the gaps,” again on either an interim or ongoing basis, and provide the consulting services offered to more established departments.

In any dynamically changing marketplace, firms create new internal positions and face vacancies in established positions. In either of these situations, the Firm Transitions team can assist a law firm in finding the “right fit” for the firm’s needs.

Whatever a law firm’s technology needs and regardless of the size of the firm’s technology department, Firm Transitions can help -- beginning with a free consultation.

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