Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.

- Peter Drucker

The transformative changes underway in the legal industry have produced a new paradigm for law firm business operations, and respected firm partners must lead the way.  Frequently, these respected partners face significant client demands and have little time available for the combined leadership/management responsibilities that a leadership role requires. Moreover, they typically have received little, if any, leadership training or coaching.  Accordingly, they default to client responsibilities, leaving their assigned groups poorly managed and devoid of actual leadership.

Firm Transitions offers programs that provide effective leadership and management training tailored to the needs of each firm and the individual leaders.  Our offerings include:

  • Fundamentals of effective leadership
  • Fundamentals of effective management
  • Aligning group leadership with the firm’s strategic plan and core values
  • Art and mechanics of successful delegation
  • Time management tools that work
  • Technology aids for the busy lawyer/leader

Presentations on these topics are only the starting point.  The Firm Transitions team supplements the presentations with video exercises, webinars, podcasts, executive coaching sessions, and ongoing emails and phone calls to assist in applying the guiding principles to specific situations.

The programs are easily adapted for training of a firm’s current leadership team, new additions to the team and “rising stars” identified by firm leadership.

Just as it needs the right strategic plan to set the course for a bright future, a law firm must have a strong group of aligned, effective leaders committed to driving the execution of that plan.  Call Firm Transitions for a free consultation. We can help!

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