Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is worthless - unless there is first a strategic vision.

- John Naisbitt

Like any business, a law firm needs a strategic plan if it wishes to enjoy long-term success.  All firms have limited resources available for branding, expansion, leadership development and technology implementation.  The strategic plan provides goals, structure and parameters for use of those resources. The plan, however, must reflect present and future market conditions and present a realistic roadmap for the firm.  What is appropriate for one firm in specific geographic locations, historically strong in certain practice areas and industry sectors and facing a particular competitive landscape will likely be entirely inappropriate for others.

Too often law firm strategic plans fail because they are not market or data-based, contain a list of compromises that undermine focus and thus waste resources, are not embraced by the partners, lack specific strategies, tasks or metrics, and/or only occasionally receive appropriate attention during the implementation phase.

The Firm Transitions team assists firms committed to developing and implementing a strategic plan in the following ways:

  • Provides up-to-date analysis of current market conditions, including the dominant forces likely to impact all firms for the foreseeable future and the dynamic changes shaping the long-term future
  • Guides the assimilation of critical information from firm partners, internal administrative resources, and the business community with respect to firm strengths, challenges and opportunities (both perceptions and reality)
  • Facilitates the development of the strategic plan, ensuring that the accumulated data drives the formulation of options and the ultimate decisions; that the plan includes specific strategies, tasks and assignments; and that realistic but challenging metrics are established
  • Insists that all partners are sufficiently involved in plan development that they embrace/own the final product and understand their respective roles in its implementation
  • Monitors plan implementation and assists management as necessary

Firm Transitions team members have considerable experience in addressing all of the issues that will arise in the development and implementation of a strategic plan.  They are ready to help your firm, starting with a free telephone consultation.

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